Paint and button work for Peavey PC-1600 & PC-1600x

I did this to make it visually easier to find four groups of four faders on my PC-1600x. This seems to be more intuitive to use than previously, especially when used in low-light conditions (like on a dark stage).

It's pretty straight forward...

  1. Take the unit apart.

  2. Mask and spray-paint the front panel.
    Use a quality paint, like Rustoleum, or similar.
    Use lots of light coats, not one or two heavy coats.

  3. Reassemble.

Also, I've found that replacing some of the black button caps with button caps of different colors helps to make navigation easier, again, especially when used in low-light conditions.

Do NOT use spray-painted button caps.
The paint will flake off of the plastic and cause problems inside the machine.

Use ONLY button caps that are made of colored plastic.

Mouser Electronics carries these caps in different colors. Aside from the colors, they appear identical to the OEM caps used by Peavey.

I used this pattern
of black & white buttons, for the way I use the 1600, but I'm curious to see what other patterns people come up with....

Like groove box:

Or, if anyone finds TR-808 colored button caps....

Looking for a used pc1600

In anticipation of getting a Nord Modular, Brent from dressed up his PC1600x to match the color scheme of that red synth from Sweden.